Johnny's childhood was created in Lebanon in the Mediterranean region, near Beirut City. It was a large scale model of a cathedral in Harissa “Our Virgin of Lebanon” where he encountered architecture dogma and embark on his career. Being born with a gift of Art and Music, the planet was full of picturesque scenes and oriental beat rhythms. As a young man, growing up in the region of Middle East, South Europe, and North America cultures, Johnny has nourished and developed a deep obsession for Art, Music, and Architecture. I was fascinated by earlier civilizations ingenuity, creativity, and their great attention to details. I was attracted by that sincere commitment to beauty and for perfection. This appeared to be an attitude inherited in the cultures, a sort of gentle gravity force pulling along art, architecture, literature, music, textile design, cuisine, and any other manifestation of the human endeavor.

Johnny founded Design Build Strategies with the goal of creative Architectural Design and an enduring general construction firm that would exceed the expectations of his clients. After completing his Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design

from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he joined several Architecture firms and practiced Architecture for 15 years specializing in Commercial, Health care, and Restaurants. Realizing that Architecture practice was not enough to fulfill his craftsmanship,

in 2009 Johnny joined a construction development company specializing in Urban Housing and commercial development to enhance his education about all construction trades... In 2012, Johnny began Design Build Strategies Company and has provided creative and professionally managed numerous projects for over 7 years.

Johnny holds Design Build Strategies and his team to the highest standards of service and workmanship. He does this through positive communication, endless enthusiasm and hard work. He takes great pride knowing he has helped to better reshape the landscape of many communities.

Johnny Kanounji - President

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