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Johnny Kanounji 

design build strategies

Johnny spent his childhood in the picturesque landscapes of Lebanon, near the vibrant Beirut City. Gifted in art and music from a young age, these talents undoubtedly shaped his unique perspective on design. He pursued higher education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, obtaining a Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design in 1995. During his time in school, Johnny's passion for architecture intensified, compelling him to study abroad in Florence, Italy. This experience deepened his appreciation for the artistry, precision, and meticulous attention to detail that earlier civilizations devoted to their architectural marvels.

Upon graduation, Johnny enriched his skills by joining several esteemed architecture firms. Over eighteen years, he specialized in Health Care, Urban Housing, and Commercial-Residential projects. However, eager to bridge the gap between design and execution, he aligned with a construction development company. This venture bolstered his knowledge of the intricacies involved in actualizing a blueprint. This holistic approach paved the way for "Design Build Strategies," an embodiment of Johnny's vision: a seamless fusion of architectural design and general construction. Over the past decade, this venture has not only met but exceeded the expectations of its clientele.

At DBS, Johnny is the embodiment of dedication and craftsmanship. He champions a culture of excellence, ensuring his team delivers unparalleled service. With effective communication, unwavering enthusiasm, and hard work at the core of their ethos, Johnny takes immense pride in the transformative impact they've had on numerous communities.

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